Key Fields of Research at the Faculty

Various key fields of research have developed at the Faculty that are characterised by cross-disciplinary collaboration with chairs from other subject areas, or include a considerable number of third-party funded projects.

International Business Administration with a Focus on the Baltic Sea Region

Research in the field of international business administration with a focus on the Baltic Sea Region, which is to be consolidated by the envisaged collaboration with the Faculty of Arts and Humanities (compulsory elective subject: cultural, regional and economic studies of the Baltic Sea Region), will create further interdisciplinary perspectives with a high amount of visibility, and also make it possible to consolidate the Faculty’s involvement in the University’s key field of research Cultures of the Baltic Sea Region.

Health Care Management, Telemedicine

Research in the focus area Health Care Management that is based around collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine and in particular Community Medicine, enables interdisciplinary research projects to approach the economic, legal and medical aspects of telemedicine.

Features of this focus area are taught as part of the master’s degree course Health Care Management.

Contacts: Prof. Dr. Steffen Fleßa, Prof. Dr. Walter Ried  

Environmental and Energy Law

The Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility (IKEM) investigates key economic issues from an interdisciplinary perspective on our way to a sustainable economy and society of tomorrow in particular with regard to Germany’s energy transition (Energiewende). The Institute’s work focusses on the analysis and development of the legal and political framework, which should allow for and support the required investments. The IKEM’s central research topics are the consolidation of renewable energies, issues regarding climate protection, the sustainability of the energy networksand e-mobility.

Due to its expertise in climate protection and energy law, the IKEM was granted consultative status as a non-governmental organisation (NGO) with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations in summer 2017. The IKEM is recognised as a non-profit organisation and affiliated with the University of Greifswald (Faculty of Law and Economics) as an independent research institute.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Michael Rodi

Landscape Economics

Research in the field of landscape economics takes place at the interface between economics and social sciences, as well as life and geosciences. There are particularly strong links to landscape ecologyand landscape planning. Research often focuses on interdisciplinary topics related to sustainable land useand conservation.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Volker Beckmann

Comparative Law Research, Especially in the Baltic Sea Region

The investigation of interactions between national and European law and the corresponding process of mutual alignment of the legal systems are at the heart of comparative law research. This research area pays special attention to the Faculty’s international orientation, in particular the Baltic Sea Region


Criminology is characterised by the large amount of external funding it has acquired and its close collaboration with neighbouring disciplines (psychology, educational sciences, but also Community Medicine). At the same time, it plays a leading role in training future lawyers in the key area criminology and criminal justice.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Stefan Harrendorf

Partnerships and Cooperation

There are particularly strong ties to the following subject areas that belong to other faculties: environmental sciences, history, political science, and theology.

Further Key Fields of Research

Please also refer to the research pages of the individual chairs.