Dr. Sandra Kleine

Scientific staff


Soldmannstraße 15
17489 Greifswald
Ph.: +49 3834 420 4158


Research Focus

Research Focus

  • Planning & approval as well as establishment and plant cultivation of paludicultures
  • Standardisation of production methods and determination of yield potential for different locations and paludicultures
  • Needs-based exchange between projects in the Paludi network on issues relating to the planning, establishment, cultivation, harvesting and monitoring of paludicultures
Current projects

Current projects

PaludiZentrale: “Central coordination of the model and demonstration projects for Peat soil protection including the use of renewable resources from paludiculture“ (BMEL, 2023-2033)

Professional Background

Professional Background

Since 2024

Scientific staff in the project PaludiZentrale at the University of Greifswald

2021 - 2024

Employee at the Ministry for Climate Protection, Agriculture, Rural Areas and the Environment, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in the Competence Centre Eco Papers

2019 - 2021

Employee of the City of Geldern as Head of the Environment, Climate, Mobility and Sustainability Department


PhD ‚Dr. rer. nat.‘ at the University of Bielefeld

2010 - 2014

Scientific staff at the Chair of Chemical Ecology at the University of Bielefeld 

2004 - 2010

Study Bachelor Environmental Sciences and Master Ecology and Biodiversity at the University of Bielefeld



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